May. 3rd, 2013

Entry 598

May. 3rd, 2013 10:33 am
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So now we go back to regular...ish...stuff. Yay?

Been trying to get back into writing. Since I have a little time off this weekend and all, figure I might as well work on things.

Posted the first ten chapters (what I currently have done) of my newest work-in-progress to what I'm using for a personal fic dumping ground. Hey, I wanted to save fadingdaydream somehow, so why not use it for a fic journal until things pick up?

OSW closed up shop. Actually, it ended about a month or two ago, but I never remembered to post here about it. We tried our best, but real life gets in the way sometime. Oh well, we still have the posts to look back on, and there's always fic and a possible revival, right?

Very nice weather lately, warm and sunny. Of course, the fire danger is sky-high, but hopefully we'll get a little rain and bring it back down. If it stays warm like this for a while, we might need to put the AC units in.

Got through inventory, though I ended up with a headache afterwards and slept most of the day. Had all short shifts this week, and started my cycle halfway through yesterday's five-hour. Guess I can't hate the timing, though--it wasn't when I woke up, causing me to call in, and it wasn't the day before, when I had to work.

(I have the weekend to get through it, anyway, and still get to enjoy my week off.)

Not quite sure what else to cover here, so I guess I'll wrap this up now. Hope everyone else is doing well, and you all know where to find me.



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