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Jul. 16th, 2012 03:23 pm
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...creative title coming soon.

So at the urging of friends and family, here I am updating again. I know, I say I'm going to post more often and then I slack off again, what can I say? I do try and do things off the internet sometimes.

This entry is mainly to focus on one specific thing, however.

This morning, mom came up to let me know she'd taken a phone message for me from work--way back, I thought I was giving up my line and thus gave the house number as my contact at work, haven't changed it back yet. Apparently this message was about some "awesome news" and I had two possible people I could talk to about it depending on when I called back.

I was tired when she told me, decided to wait and call later after I'd slept a bit longer.

So I eventually rolled out of bed, got myself awake enough, and called to see what this "awesome news" was all about. Chatted with one of my favorite manager-types, and was incredibly surprised to find out just what the "awesome news" was.

...yours truly has made the list of Superstars at work, representing this month. Really.

For those who don't understand, it's basically part popularity contest and part "reward the ones who did awesome at a grander level". Voting slips are in the break room, people fill them out and put them in the box provided, and two people are drawn for each month. I didn't even expect people to vote for me!

It's definitely quite a surprise when anyone from the truck crew gets on the board, as it means someone really noticed us working hard. We're quite a 'behind the scenes' group.

I seriously came out to the glass room and squealed the news to mom because I was so excited. :) She called my aunt, and I had to try and settle myself down enough to actually explain things.

(It's also the first day of my paid vacation week--what a good time for good news, right?)

Being a 'Superstar' is a pretty good thing, and of course there's some rewards--granted, I won't get much use of the front parking space, but it means mom will have an easier time finding a spot to pick me up, and I have a lot of bags as it is, but a lovely official store bag sounds rather nice.

...the extra money on my paycheck definitely helps, and I think we still get the little superstar pins for our nametag lanyards. So shiny~

In other news, outside of work, have been going through stacks of my books I've set aside for possible donation, as I figure I shouldn't keep things I don't think I'll ever read again. Why not share the discards with the world? I love the donation bin.

Haven't been outside much, due to either too much heat or random rain storms. Oh well.

Been collecting some of the little blind bag ponies here and there, have a little bunch of them currently. Heard there's a second wave out now, will see about trying to get some of those.

...secret surprise sparkly rare Twilight reminds me of an old Gen1 pony I have. It's the purple and sparkles, I swear.

OSW is slow, probably due to the time of year. Too warm, wears everyone out.

Still willing to take on ficlet requests if people want, and if not, that's okay. :)

...mind seems to like crossover ideas lately, it seems.

Also, sending out good vibes and better luck to those going through rough times on my friendslist--they deserve something good, let's collect some of those good vibes and send them along.

Further updates to come...eventually, I guess. Whenever I post next!

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...what? I'm feeling kinda poetic. :)

So yeah, last update here was way back in the middle of winter, suppose it's about time for something new. Still taking ficlet requests if people are curious, since the previous entry had some good ones and things got very quiet. Don't be shy, people!

Work...work has me down to one shift a week, but I understand that when the sales are kinda low, the money's not really there. It's not too bad, though, since it means I have some more free days just in case stuff comes up.

Today was pretty good, though. Stayed an extra two hours to get some more stuff done (wasn't the only one--a good deal of us regulars stayed later) and boy, did we get stuff done. Not only did I manage to process about five or six racks of shoes, but also managed to push at least two an a half while juggling customers and such. I can multi-task pretty well down there, and everyone knows it. :)

It gets better, though. At one point, I took a phone call. A nice lady looking for a pair of sandals for her...granddaughter, I think she said, and I did quite a bit of running back and forth to check on things. Not only did I manage to locate a few pairs of the style she was looking for, but I set aside a pair of each style for her to look at since she said she would be in later that day. She was very happy, and I was happy to be of help.

Fast forward. I'm helping another customer in browsing, and the lady from the phone call shows up just as she said she would. I wrap up things with the browsing one and go to fetch the boxes I set aside, she browses them as I'm running to check on something in the back for someone else. Like I said, multi-tasking.

This lady is incredibly nice, she picks out the pair she wants and I go to put the other boxes away, we go over prices and such, and out of habit, I ask if she wants to open a store card. She's interested! I go fetch a pen and she fills out the application I've been carrying (for months, I do try...) and I tell her they'll process it up at the registers when she goes to check out, my name and number are on there.

...here's where it really gets awesome. Near the end of my shift, I'm clearing things up and filling in the official shoe guy of the day on my progress. One of my favorite manager-types shows up with a little "you did awesome" type slip for me. Turns out that not only did that lady I helped open her card and get accepted, but she also gave me a customer service shout-out. Seriously!

Not only did I get so excited I squeaked, but I also hugged said awesome manager and bounced up and down a bit. My mood went so far up that I couldn't stand it. I'm so tempted to frame that little slip or something.

(We also have a cute little associate game going on...ants at a picnic for this one, I got to add my little ant to the blanket. So happy~)

In other news, have been going through tons of stuff lately. Mom and I went to my grandfather's place this weekend and gathered up things to sort and trash and such--this was a trip planned after the three of us went over a few weeks before, to get computer stuff set up and all that. Lots of stuff in that house, and a lot of it is so old that we're still wondering why it wasn't tossed before now. Oh well.

It's inspired me to sort through quite a bit of my own stuff, though--mostly books. Hey, I have a lot of them, I definitely need to go through them more often. The current stash of discards includes a stack of thick hardcovers to go through (that'll be next) and a full cloth shopping bag of paperbacks to drop off at the donation bin. I do mean "full bag" when I say it. One last paperback to plow through to complete that stack, but this one may have a home set up for it so I don't think it's going in the bag.

Also, I'm not the only one doing cleaning things! Raine messaged me last week to ask if I wanted to help her out in her own room--how could I turn that down? It's always fun when the trio gets to meet up, and we work very well together on projects like this. Two days have been set aside for this event, in case we need them. (Of course, if we finish early? More time to goof off. We've missed that.)

(...also we girls get to inherit goodies when we help clean, so everyone wins.)

It almost feels like summer out, since we've started getting the really warm days. It's nice to have the windows wide open, but then we get the rain and have to close them, which makes the house feel like an oven. Don't even get me started on the store, it's practically tropical there.

The entry title is relevant, and also poetic as I said. Spring has definitely sprung, and every lilac bush in the city is in bloom. The west side has a lot of them, big trees of blooms. Why the 'two rivers' part? Well, we do have a joining of two rivers--okay, a river and a stream, but they consider it to be "two rivers" anyway. During the folk festival, there's even a stage set up near where they join, aptly called the "Two Rivers" stage.

(...and anyone who's read the ficlets I've posted, they'll understand why I decided to come up with a creative title. The magical girls have taken over, what can I say?)

Okay, this is getting long, suppose it's time to post this and work towards cooling off and winding down for bed. Got to be up early for trio cleaning shenanigans, after all! :)

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...yeah, I know, I managed to let this lag again. What can I say? I had to work during the holiday season, and retail is a busy system at that point. Things are mellowing out again, though, so now I feel like I can actually get something new posted here.

For starters, the holidays went pretty well. People loved what I got them, I enjoyed what I got, and the holiday itself passed very casually. I now have lovely new bedding to work with, and when spring arrives, I'm determined to do some very in-depth spring cleaning in my room. Only reason I'm waiting is so I'll be able to have my windows open--fresh air always helps.

The tribemates and I did have to delay our own gift exchange, but when we did get to it, we had a good time as usual. Gaming, gifts, and food? We have some of the best parties. :)

Have tried to work on my own writing, but so far I keep managing to distract myself with other things. Oh well, I suppose work is part of it, but during overnights I wind up bored and distracted from that sometimes, so maybe it's just my mind being weird.

So, if anyone reading this is interested in helping me out, or you're just bored and want to read some random fic ideas? Feel free to use this as a prompt entry and drop off some ideas. I have some active characters in mind--well, okay, they're mostly fanfic characters, but that's something--and I'm more than willing to take suggestions. Maybe it can get some activity in here again.

(Alternately: I can try and come up with some ideas and just post them as comments to future entries or something, so reading them would be optional either way.)

I admit I'm not feeling like a very interesting person when it comes to journal updates, but having this does make me feel like I have something to do, anyway. Anything to cheer me up. :)

Tonight, my dreaming will be a bit delayed, due to another overnight shift. Two in a row this weekend. At least it earns me extra money, but when they're long ones, and this close together? Sometimes I get tired just thinking about them. At least once this one's over, I get some time to relax and recover. I like sleep.

...oh right, should probably post this and start getting ready to head into work. Until next time, hopefully.


(I mean it when I say I'll take suggestions for ficlets, guys. Really, don't be shy!)
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...so what if I graduated in 2005? I can still have an opinion on schooling. Especially now, when a news article has gotten my attention...

So earlier today, mom was browsing the online newspaper--we stopped getting the regular delivery years ago, because it would simply pile up and just make more waste. There was an article she found, she read it and passed it on to me.

To our non-surprise, it was an article about NCLB and how our state's schools are faring. Needless to say, the results aren't good.

The story goes that there's expected numbers to meet each year: 78% proficiency in reading, 66% in math--for high school juniors. Our numbers? Well, they're not that close. Apparently only 30% of our state's schools (in total, mind you) managed to make that goal. There was at least one person quoted in the article claiming that those expected figures are too high! For high school juniors!

On a whim, I decided to read the comment threads. Some of the people in there...well, let's just say that they may need some remedial teaching themselves, because there were many errors (at least one poster...oh dear, let's not say more).

Mom and I had our discussion about it--in two parts, really, because we talked once before dinner and once just a few minutes ago. We did quite a bit of walking down memory lane, since there's three of us and she had to go through the local school system with all of us--not an easy trip, with how many troubles there were, and not from us kids. The schools wanted to fight her every step of the way, and luckily, mom was able to fight back. I admire her quite a bit, for everything she taught us and the fact we can still learn from her even today. ♥

The fact that there's so many people my age....no, people my age and older, even up to mom's age and older than that, they don't know how to spell basic words or construct simple phrases, how to do basic math or even do simple problems...this frightens me. If the current generations have these sorts of issues, how will the generations to come fare in the long run?

I remember back when I was in high school, and the classes I took. Both my starting year and senior year, I took a reading class--rather basic, or so it seemed--it was actually very exciting. We had our choice of books to read, and each one had a ranking system based on grade level (numbers, really, and the numbers represented which grade level the book matched in reading skill). After completing the book, we'd take a computer-based test on what we had read, and based on the results, that would give us our overall reading grade level.

The book reading was mostly for outside class, though. During class, we'd have lessons on various things--I remember my senior year, we actually did lessons on making budgets and doing check-writing and such--and we had spelling books. There were three levels, I remember--one was a very basic one (aimed at catching up, I think), the next was a middle of the road one, and then the advanced book. Yours truly was in the advanced book, alone, both years. At the end of both years, I was marked as reading at a post-high-school level.

I remember feeling rather like Matilda in that class, sitting there with my own special book and special level, above the rest of the class. It was an odd feeling, but I did feel rather proud as well. I do love my reading, after all--anyone who's seen my personal library will agree! :)

(Yes, I do have a copy of Matilda--both the book and the behind-the-scenes movie book. A very good read, and a favorite treasure of mine.)

Where I managed to get through my years and graduate (and thus, escape the school system's shortcomings and give mom one of her best birthday gifts ever), some of my friends weren't as lucky and encountered many struggles along the way. One of them...let's call him "Aquarius" (he'll probably see this and recognize his LJ name), had quite a time and almost didn't get there. The school basically let him go along and dangle from threads before the end of his senior year, when they finally told him he was one credit short from being able to graduate. It was mom who stood up for him, and he was able to take an adult ed course to fill in that missing credit. Sure, he didn't get to march with the 05 class, but he did get to march with 06, and he was my partner for both prom and the senior banquet so he got to be part of the 05 activities. We even gave him one of my graduation tickets so he could watch, and he and I both went to the senior party overnight at the field house. We were lucky he was able to come back from being lost in the shuffle.

Sometimes, the lost ones aren't as lucky. I hope that things get resolved so there won't be any lost ones in the times to come.

It's times like these where I want to take up my red pen and favorite hardcover dictionary, pull out my book collection, and try to help teach some people. I admit, though, I'm not sure how I'd do--the most I could be good at would probably be sharing a love of reading and writing.

At least I still have my journal, and the journals I'm a part of...though I admit I haven't been a very good moderator for the few communities I actually own. Any RPW members want to help me revive the place? I haven't been able to work very well on original stuff lately, so I may need a little assistance in getting something going.

As for FDD, maybe we could do a pony week or something, excuse to be major nerdy nerds or something. Taking requests there as well.

For other ideas lately, it seems to be coming up fandom things. Group projects with the tribemates and such, and I discussed a new idea as a co-op with Raine (if it works out). I really need to get myself back into writing again.

Also, since I've noticed that several of the posters on my friendslist have been going through rough times lately, I'm hoping that things get better and wishing a big, beautiful rainbow for you all. Rainbows can bring good results, right?


Entry 587

Sep. 17th, 2011 03:01 pm
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...been a while, hasn't it? Well, what can I say? I do get busy...sometimes.

For now, I do have some downtime, so I figured I should update this with stuff. It's been a few months, so there's definitely topics to work with now.

For starters, Raine's kid brother has a birthday today, though I think she's run off to facebook and may or may not see this. I did wish the kid a happy birthday last night, though, so.

Speaking of birthdays, yours truly had her own earlier this week. I'm now 25, hard to believe. It almost passed with no big events (I did have to work that day, but came home to food and had an outing with mom the day before), but it turns out that the event-type stuff came later.

Tuesday, Lynn came over to spend the day, and we had a pretty good time (had pasta and sauce for dinner, and we girls had some ice cream). I only got one card in the mail, but it was a nice one as always (and since I now know my aunt in Ellsworth follows this journal closely, I send my thanks, especially since there's a flower pattern on it~).

Doing anything with the girls, now that we're adults, requires careful planning and a lot of schedule comparisons, but this week we got lucky enough to meet up last night for gaming and food. Well, okay, gaming, food, and some story ideas, but yeah.

...and we discussed shows and various things as well. It was a rather full night, I'd say.

So anyway, how about those ponies, huh? Yes, I've watched the first season, I don't have any icons yet, and I can't pick an overall favorite, but yes, ponies. I'm surprised my friends list hasn't exploded into ponies yet, but I suppose it's either "not a lot of pony fans" or "all the active pony fans aren't on my list" (or perhaps, "the pony lovers ran away from LJ to be on facebook" since it's very possible) and I just have to get the ball rolling myself. Oh well.

(...if anyone wants to take this as a signal to make pony icons, I won't stop you. :) I say have fun.)

The weather's actually getting nice enough to not require my AC on in my room all the time (it's not completely off for the season, though, as I'll turn it on whenever it gets too warm in here), though the store is still over-warm. May not need long sleeves again this winter, if it keeps up!

As for everything else, well, I think I've covered the bulk of it. Working tonight's overnight, inventory is a week away, and stress levels at the store are high. Once we get past inventory, though, things should settle back down into something resembling mellow...or at least until we hit the big sale times.

So now I post this and go do stuff. Hopefully this helps catch people up.

...and yes, you can post pony stuff in the comments if you want to. Pony stuff or any sort of nerdy stuff, just keep it relatively mild. I'm all for nerding in my entries, so have yourselves a ball. I'll make sure I check in on it and perhaps I'll be able to join in myself! :)

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Yes, I said muffins. Lovely corn muffins with blueberries in them. Sturdy, but still nice and tender.

...what am I doing up at this hour, wide awake, and updating? Well, that's easy to answer.

It's a lovely sunday morning, bright and sunny, and I'm caught up on sleep. I decided to spend an hour or two on the treadmill (two miles done--means eight laps, that's how ours works anyway), had a big glass of ice water (am on my second now), and made muffins for breakfast. I'm in a pretty good mood!

(And somewhere out there, regular readers are going "okay, so where's the real Virgo?")

OSW is slow. Maybe it's the time of year, maybe everyone's busy and can't do much, but either way, it's slow. Oh well, hopefully things will pick up again eventually.

As for my own writing, well, I do have some projects I'm working on. I haven't forgotten about the 'rewrite' at all, it's just sitting for a while so I can plot for it. More will come for sure, I promise.

The other ideas I'm still doing the plotting and startup work for, but those will come eventually. A couple of my friends here on LJ already know them (looking at you, Lan), and they're already fans, so maybe that will encourage me to keep working.

I work tomorrow morning and an overnight on Wednesday. I can do that no problem.

Also, for OSW people, it's Suzume's birthday! Send good wishes to the wind sparrow today~

Summer's almost here, so we should get good things going now. Let's positive thinking!

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...okay, apparently things are incredibly calm now, I guess what was scheduled for us traveled north instead. Oh well, at least I tried to be prepared anyway. Should be relatively nice for the rest of the night, or at least nice enough for me to be back at my own computer.

Still hot, though, and the windows are remaining latched shut until tomorrow. At least I have my fan.

Am online now if anyone needs me for anything. If possible, say a few prayers (or send good vibes) for the people in the midwest and such, looks like they have a rough night ahead.

This year must be a sign of something, with all this crazy weather going on. Endtimes coming early?

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...so yeah, this is just a quick post, mostly because I shut my own computer down and I'm borrowing mom's for this. If anyone's looking for me online tonight, I decided to take precautionary measures and simply shut my room down just in case.

In fact, it's been shut down since early this afternoon, since we had a minor storm come through. Nothing bad, but I wanted to take any caution I could.

Right now, it's oddly calm outside. We're getting a bit of lightning, but nothing else. The northeast is under a tornado watch, however--perhaps the first in history? Mass is feeling the pain right now, and I can only wonder what awaits us up here. Hopefully it's nothing too awful.

OSW crew, if any of you are getting lousy stuff, I wish you well for the night. I'll make sure to be back on tomorrow.

Again, this is basically just to let people know I won't be online tonight, since I came downstairs just in case.

Now, to go watch more weather channel.

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...is this thing still on? Oh dear, it has been quite a while. Last entry was in mid-July and it's definitely not summer anymore.

I'm not even really sure what to update with, but I suppose since we're into the holiday season, there should be something.

Well, summer came and went, it really wasn't all that exciting. My birthday came and went, I don't remember what I did for it. It's definitely been a long year.

For the last month or so, I've been doing a series of overnight shifts at work, to make things easier while going into the heavy start of the holiday shopping season. It was nice, there was a small group of us working and we could pretty much dress in our casual clothes. I got to wear my nice comfy sneakers, which made the shifts so much better on me--my usual work shoes get rather uncomfortable after too long, with the cement and tile and all.

Black Friday was actually not too bad this year--I was one of five people scheduled for shoes at some point during the day, and things went rather fast. We opened at three instead of four, and when I came in for my shift at five, the lines weren't all that long. It was nice and rather organized.

Now that the major day is over and we're into the next month, things are slowing down when it comes to my shifts. I get to catch up on my sleep, though, and get to do things that I can't do on work days. After all, there's still things to do, like shopping and such.

I've just started my own holiday shopping a bit tonight, actually--mom and I went out earlier to get our wreath (and with it, one for my brother's house), and we decided to do a little browsing. Big Lots, for all their hype, just doesn't seem all that exciting--perhaps it's just the one here, but it didn't seem very big or have very much to see. It's the mall area, though, so anything's possible.

All the same, we went across town to our usual dollar store, and bought a nice big basketload of goodies. I bought a few things for Lynn and our new mutual friend, and a few things for the house--mom's determined to decorate the glass room this year, so there'll be a lot of sparkle going on out there.

The weather's not that great today, though, so we decided to head home after that. Next time we get a nice day, that's when we'll do more. Plus, we'll both be feeling more up to shopping, and we can just enjoy the day more.

Also, I have things to bake in the next day or so. Muffins and cookies and such, we have so much to use.

OSW, since last month was NaNo, is pretty quiet lately. We had a halloween party post started around the end of October, but it's still barely going and it hasn't really gone anywhere yet. Pretty soon, it'll be time for the holiday posts or something. Oh well, I guess it's the time of year.

I've been sorting things again, going through my books and all my accumulated stuff. It's rather silly, how much I have that I either don't read or haven't worn in ages--some stuff I probably don't even fit into anymore, I've gained so much weight. I'm determined to work that off, though, since I'm sick of it. I plan on getting some nice comfy workout pants and start burning this bulge.

As for the eating part of it...well, that might be harder. I do so love to eat...

Writing is stalled, for the most part. Haven't been able to add to the 'rewrite' since we still haven't been able to go do the arena visit, but oh well. I typed up most of it to share with some of the online fans (mostly Lan and Momo), and Lan loves the story so far. Hopefully Momo enjoys it as well.

I guess it's good to be back, and I suppose I should post more. Perhaps I just feel like I've been boring lately, and boring entries are no fun to write or to read, right?

So anyway, here's to hoping for some holiday peace this year. I think we need it, more than ever.


Entry 582

Jul. 19th, 2010 04:19 pm
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A little over a month since last post, I suppose I should have something to update this with, right?

Well, I do...but it's not very upbeat and happy. It's my journal, though, so I guess my readers (if any stick around for this entry) will just have to deal. It's been a long month.

Work is just as it usually is, so that's not too much of the problem. I go in, do my job, and come home.

OSW is still going, a lot better now since we got through that rough patch.

On the outside, however, things aren't well with the tribe. Maybe it's just the time of year, the heat, the weather changes, or our emotions running haywire, but for whatever reason, we're not doing well.

I admit, I may be the worst part of it. I get a little too serious about things at times, and I probably try way too hard to be in charge. I know I have my own problems, and once I realize them, I'll try to work through them.

I've been snippy with Lynn lately--I'm sure I'm not the only one, either. I've told her before not to call every day (she claims she calls all her friends every day, which I also question), and that I would call her when I got a chance. It worked for a day or so, then she called again. I tried setting down guidelines (like I would call her on a certain day)...that worked for a while, but then she called to see if I'd called her or something.

I admit, it's been a rough weekend, since my hormones were in overdrive (being female royally sucks), so I think my emotions ran a bit too high as well. She just doesn't seem to listen sometimes, and I tried my best to get my message across. She seems to pick the worst times to call, when I'm in the middle of something or not at the house, hence my suggestion of me calling her instead.

She called earlier today, and like a fool, I picked up the phone. She seems to think we're all abandoning her--not surprising, given her family pretty much leaving her to her own devices at times growing up. She has issues stemming from that, hence her getting suggestions of therapy from people. We don't have the official documents to be therapists, so I really am sick of getting talked to like I am one. There's only so much "therapy" I can dispense before I practically need a therapist myself, you know?

I know I'm not without fault in this myself. Sure, I do say sometimes that I want us all to meet up, or I want to meet up with Raine as well--but honestly, who doesn't? Raine's hard to track down, so getting to spend time with her is a treat. Hanging out with Lynn is fun and all, but when I do it a lot...I want to change it up a bit and hang out with other friends as well.

(This being me, however, I really only have one other friend in town, and that's Raine. But anyway...)

One thing I had to learn way back, when I first entered the workforce, was that my days off wouldn't exactly line up with my friends, so there was a good chance of me not being able to hang out then. It's been four years (seriously, it seems like longer), and now I think it's Lynn who needs to remember that. I understand her being a social butterfly type who likes to talk (nowadays, anyway), since I have moments of that myself. Her problem, like mine back then, is that she's very hopeful and can't seem to entertain herself for very long. I only hope she can learn the lesson, like I did. She has plenty she can do by herself, and not just chores or games.

Plus, her entertaining herself more means less times with her annoying others, and less time of me having to play peacemaker. I'm a bit tired of always being the sensible patient one, after all.

Still, though, I try to keep up the image to make things go smoothly. I suppose I can work on myself again soon, but I felt I needed to scold myself in this entry to get it out.

Haven't focused on weight loss lately because I haven't cared lately. Will try again some other time.

Looking for new people who might want to join FDD and the muse community, as well as RPW. It's too quiet, guys, we need some fun revival stuff going on.


Entry 581

Jun. 10th, 2010 05:00 pm
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Well, the previous entry went well enough, I suppose. I know, it probably wasn't the best way to go about it, but I do have my journal so I can express my feelings, so why not use it for its intended purpose?

Rain on and off today. At least we had lovely weather yesterday, so I went out and spent the day walking on the west side. I do mean walking--from here to the library, then around there and to do a light lunch, then uphill to a friend's house. We spent some time there, and then walked back downhill to Lynn's so I could get my ride. I was proud of myself for so much walking, and not eating very much. I didn't drink much soda, either--I had an iced tea and a juice, then a soda for the walk back to her place.

After some time of being rather bad with my eating habits since the entry before last, I weighed myself today when I got up. 182.8, the scale says. I made some soup for lunch and had a big glass of ice water. Am determined to not eat anything else until we do dinner--don't want to eat too much, that's been one of my big problems.

Dug my new jeans out of the drawer the other day, took the tags off and put them in the wash pile. My current ones are finally starting to wear in the indecent spots (like between the legs), so I decided it was time to start wearing the new ones. They're a size bigger than my current ones, but fit very well (if only a little bit longer in the legs). Thought about wearing my jean shorts I bought, but I need to stretch the waist a little more before they're really comfortable enough.

Part of me is thinking of taking a nap, but considering my sleep habits have been so disrupted lately, I fear it'd be a bad idea. I'll try to stay awake for a while longer, at least.

Tomorrow, we might run some errands. It all depends on the weather and how we're both feeling.

Hopefully, the weather is better for that, anyway.


(Seeing the 'finalists' for the governor elections really makes me nervous, having read up on both of them. I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable with the republican guy, but then, people are saying the democrat woman isn't good either. Perhaps this will come down to a lesser-of-two-evils vote. I'm so conflicted.)

Entry 580

Jun. 4th, 2010 09:14 pm
virgo186: (Broken Wings (Meer))
Before I begin this entry, I feel I should give some warnings. I know at least one of the referenced parties will probably see this, and if so, I mean no real harm but I must get this down before I explode.

Those of you who have kept up with my posts know I'm part of a game here on LJ, and have been since the game began. It's the first one I've ever been a part of, and for that, I'm rather proud to have been in it so long. I've made friends, my characters have made friends, and for the most part, things have gone pretty well.

Lately, however, things have been rather slow. I know one of the mods can only be online during the weekends, but then it seems like the game doesn't move even when she returns. The one main open post has been going for nearly three months now, and overall, the game seems to be in stasis until it ends. There are other plots waiting, but they hinge on the results of this current post.

For the meantime, the rest of us have tried making our own small posts, various backdated things and such, to keep ourselves active. However, there's only so much we can do before we run out, and when we run out, that leaves us open to being idled.

Three of us feel as though hanami is already over--I'm one of them. Two other members are considering quitting the game, because it just seems like it's stalled. Part of me is sure the mods are trying to do anything to keep it going, but the other part thinks they may be just wasting time and doing other things, to hell with the rest of us. Two and a half months is way more than any of the holidays posts have gone, and this one just doesn't seem like there's anything left to it.

I don't want to quit, I don't want to give up, and I don't want to idle. I don't want anyone else to quit. Right now, though, it seems like the game--the players included--is in danger of just falling apart or dying outright. Things just aren't looking well, and as a simple player, I'm not even sure what I can do.

I've gotten to be in a couple of the little posts, but some of them are for backdated things I'm not in, so I've basically been watching things. Getting into hanami is useless--I tried at first, but after that thread bombed, I just lost track and I don't really have interest in it. I'm discouraged, I admit.

If even the mods seem to be getting bored, does this mean the game is truly at an end? Maybe a change of command is in order, if they need a break. I'm sure there's others who would be up to taking modship, even on a temporary basis, if only to move things along.

We can't do anything until this post is over, because the end of it decides the timeline of the game and how other plots can progress. The waiting seems to be making us all anxious.

There's even talk of some of us making our own game in the future, if this one does fall apart. As much as that sounds like a good idea, I hope this one doesn't end anytime soon, just this one post that's almost holding the game hostage at this point.

I know, in the game's OOC community, there's a post for talking about problems to the mods--but that's only for the AIM chatroom, not the game itself. The main chat, lately, has been useless for game talk, because everyone uses it for socializing and the game is forgotten about through it all. Some of us, however, have bailed on it simply because it's so big and loud that some people can get forgotten and ignored. However, the chat isn't part of this tonight--this is about the game, and its fate.

I do fear that potential players could be looking at it and thinking we're clique-ish and that it's not worth it, which would chase people away. Things could need a change.

For now, though, I decided to use my journal as I created it for--to vent my thoughts, to get them out before my mind overloads and something bursts. If this makes me look bad, or gets me in trouble, I just wanted to get this out where people would actually see it.

I'm not angry. I just want things to move again, back in the right direction.


ETA: If anyone is aiming to comment, again, I would prefer to discuss ways to fix things, not a screaming bitchfest. I've gone through those before, and they aren't pleasant for anyone. Think before you post, please.

Entry 579

May. 26th, 2010 06:29 pm
virgo186: (Sailor Saturn)
Finally, after a couple days of awful humidity, the weather is going back to something nearly tolerable. At least we have wind today--that's cooling things off very well.

After months of being a coward, I decided to check the scale today, to see where I'm at. 184.6, it says. It's not as bad as I'd thought, but still, it's just not right for me. I have to fix it.

I hope to someday be back into at least a size 10, perhaps even an 8. I'll never be smaller--not with my body shape. I'll just start out slow.

Granted, it means a lot of change, but I can do that. Less eating for the hell of it (which, yes, means fewer dinners to just meet up, tribemates), more activity. Also, less soda and more ice water. I have to take this seriously.

Of course, that gives me material for my journal posts--I can keep track of things here, and my readers (...you guys know who you are) can keep track as well. Support, cheer, scold, whatever you want to give for input, I'll be paying attention.

Too bad writing doesn't burn enough, I've been doing some of that lately. Maybe if I wish, RPW will pick up at some point, now that summer is coming. Oh well.

Anyway, this is just to get things rolling again. I must get on this before it can get any worse.

virgo186: (Broken Wings (Meer))
A windy day, made even more annoying by the dust kicked up from fresh digging out back.

Sadly, this entry may not be the happy, bouncy one mentioned last time. Things are going pretty iffy again, and I feel I must vent. I'm sure people will probably see this, but there's not really any offense meant. If there was, I'd warn for it.

So as Raine said in her entry, she got her birthday party on Saturday--complete with her princess cake and many dorky moments. I went, and I can agree that the cake was awesome. I wonder if she still has leftovers.

Yes, there was a little drama, but it was to be expected. I admit, I feel rather guilty--I may not have been the major cause of drama, maybe not even part of it, but if I added any problems, I do apologize. Overall, though, things seemed to go pretty well.

Since Raine has finals coming up, we girls talked about having a major party for her after things settled back down again, to really enjoy her free time (if she gets any) and the stress levels returning to somewhere near normal. Simce it'll be her party (and she'd be driving), she gets to choose where we go, and since she's mentioned minigolf, we may be making an out-of-town trip~ :)

In the meantime, she fights her way to the end of the semester, while I try to keep Lynn distracted from possibly bothering her. Hopefully she realizes how important this is, and doesn't try her usual "dropping in to say hello" moves. If she does, though, I'm sure Raine will set her straight...

As for me? Well, I'm getting work done, as usual. Still a rather quiet part of the year, but things are still going well enough. Mom's orientation is coming up, so she's excited about that. If I'm not working, I've been either doing stuff around the house (gotta learn some things really well so I can be decent backup) or trying to write, or just relaxing and playing some games.

Speaking of games, this brings me to the real meat of the post. Things have slowed down in OSW--I don't know if it's because of the time of year or what, but it just seems that things are dragging on. Big event posts (like hanami, a usual big group mingling event) have stalled, or have been neglected. The few posts still going are individual posts, or invite-only ones, which leaves many players waiting for something. Hanami is a big one, as everyone has at least one character in it.

I did throw a character in, but it's been over a week and nobody's posted to it. I admit, I do seem like perhaps I'm not interesting enough to play with--not always, but at times like this, it makes me feel like my playing is not as good as anyone else. I feel like a newbie all over again.

Sure, people could probably tell me "just start your own post" or "try jumping in with someone" or something, but that's rather hard to do with no ideas, no other open posts (again, the active ones are private ones and hanami), and everyone else rather busy. I do feel like I probably waited too long to post my thread in there, but I at least posted something. I was even asked by one mod if I planned to throw someone in, and I told her I already did--that thread. People know it's there, but still nothing.

I've waited for over a week, and now I'm wondering if I should just delete it. Maybe it's not good enough, or I didn't leave an opening. I don't know, but part of me just wonders why I bothered.

Add that to the fact my writing is stalled again, and RPW's "reawakening" post has no replies...yeah. I do feel very discouraged, and I wonder if maybe I'm just not that interesting. I'm not expecting sympathy comments, or pity, or anything at all, this is just me getting things out again.

For now, I think I'll go muse for a while. Getting this posted helps, anyway, no matter who sees it. I don't feel like I have much to hide anymore.


Entry 577

Apr. 21st, 2010 01:30 am
virgo186: (Lacus)
Okay, it's been a while (...again) since last post, but I actually have material to post now. Again, the previous one was basically during a low moment, so I can keep track of myself. Maybe if I do that, I can try and better myself over time.

Or something like that, anyway.

So it's finally spring--I know, it was officially spring when I last updated, but the weather is finally springlike now. The flowers are blooming (or close to it), the weeds are starting to grow, and the weather's getting warmer. I can actually spend time outside walking without getting too cold.

I have my window wide open right now, trying to cool things off upstairs. Since I have the screen back in, I can fully enjoy my seat by the window, just as I'd hoped when I bought the chair. Having that space useful again definitely makes my room look a little more grown-up.

Writing...well, it's going, anyway. Need to run the recent bits by Raine sometime (later tonight, I think, unless something comes up, because I have books to lend her for a project) and then see if I can go further with it. Finally made it to the brawl core section, we're all pretty excited. :)

(Yes, we are nerds. Are you really surprised, especially from all my writing?)

The problem with my writing, however, is that if I'm not working on the 'rewrite' and still crave working on something, I can never seem to come up with ideas. I have a bunch of empty notebooks stashed in one of my bookcases, and so far, no ideas to fill them with.

This, of course, inspired something tonight--the revival of my community, Red Pen Writers. I browsed back through it a bit tonight, and the last post in there was last year, on 06 June. We still have 12 members, including me (and not counting the two deleted journals it's still counting as members), so I figured "eh, why not" and made a modpost.

If anyone has suggestions for challenges, or prompts, or just something original (or mostly-original, as I allow OSW stuff) to post, feel free to come join us--and if you're already a member, please come give me directions. I'd hate to see it fall into idleness again.

At this point, we could probably do a "fandom" challenge if people wanted to, I'd be up for pretty much anything. I'm really craving writing, and I told the members they get to give me orders this time.

Join the party here (at redpenwriters on LJ) and read the stuff people have posted, or add your own. Concrit has been slow lately, but our members are pretty good at it. No worries about flaming here, we give our concrit without the stupidity that may come from other sites. It's even our motto!

In the meantime, I should try and write something I can post there that isn't a mod update. I doubt the 'rewrite' would work (besides, I doubt it'd be interesting enough), but maybe if ideas come in...


(This has been mostly an update to explain my community, I know. Expect the real updates to come at a later date, once things settle back down. They will come, too, I mean it.)

Entry 576

Mar. 27th, 2010 07:55 pm
virgo186: (Broken Wings (Meer))
Fair skies but rather chilly today. Usual early spring weather.

A lot of time has passed since the last entry--I did pay off my game, and I've been enjoying it. It feels good to be doing so well for my first real time playing anything in the series.

Work proceeds as usual, a couple days (or so) a week. Pulled some early shifts lately, but those weren't too bad. Plus, I usually take a long nap after work anyway, so I caught up on sleep then.

Wrote more on the 'rewrite' here and there, will probably add more to it tonight if I feel inspired. Raine got to catch up on it Thursday night, when I treated her to a dinner run. It's rather fun when it's just us, since we rarely get to spend time alone.

I found out from Lynn earlier today that she did the same last night, only her outing was much longer--getting picked up from work, running errands together, then dinner.

Part of me knows that it's fun when we each get alone time, but the other part wishes my turn could've been longer like that. Of course, then it just brings up all my old issues, still unresolved for the most part. I feel like I get wound up over the little things, the petty stuff that really shouldn't bother me and things I should've been done with long ago, but...

I admit, I have issues. I'm trying to work through them, to overcome them, but sometimes I just slide back and feel miserable all over again. It doesn't seem to take much to bring it up, either--even tiny events like the ones listed above seem to just make me feel like I'm not as interesting.

I still feel like the odd one out. Lynn has always been closer--in emotions and in location, she's always been able to walk to Raine's somehow and spend time with her (though, as mom says, perhaps not always wanted by Raine herself), where I came into the group late, have always lived over here on the east side, and need to take the bus or walk quite a distance to even get downtown. Even with Raine living across the bridge, Lynn can still walk there--she's right in downtown, it's not much further and she even walks to work now that her job moved her across the bridge instead of two towns up (her original store was a 15-minute ride up the interstate, she's been officially transferred to this closer one).

Perhaps I'm just being silly over the whole thing, but I do still have moments where I'm not quite sure if I'm interesting enough. Lynn can do the "oh hey, let's go do something exciting" random stuff, but if I try it, I'm always worrying about getting in trouble or what could go wrong, or how we'd need to come up with backup plans just in case. Part of me wishes I could be as daring sometimes.

Of course, then I see how often she gets scolded or outright yelled at by Raine for being an annoyance, and I'm lucky for not being so impulsive. Raine gets roped into so many things, and I see how stressed she gets--so I try not to make myself a burden. My schedule doesn't align with hers as much as Lynn's does, in work and in life. I accept that.

I still feel like an outsider at times, and I know I have to get over it. It's just taking a while.

There will probably be another update later, possibly starting up a regular posting schedule again (maybe), but for now, we have this. I'm not annoyed at anyone--just myself.

I think I need to work harder towards my goal of peace.

virgo186: (Virgo)
Light wind and bright sunlight, with clear blue skies. It feels like spring today. :)

So, what does one do on a lovely day like this?

I clean, in full force. It all started with my haircut--back to what mom and I call my "80s girl rocker hair" because it's nice and short, kinda layered. A nice, breezy hairstyle for the changing season.

I looked at my room, wanting to open a window--no screen in my usual one yet (mom said she'd see about getting it put back in), so I thought about my other one. It was all dusty, so I decided to clean that up.

There's bugs inside the screen, so I won't open it. Opened mom's bedroom window for now, to air out the upstairs. Took my duster wand outside to shake it off, plan to take my curtainrod outside next to shake the dust free and catch some of that nice air.

Cleaned the vanity and mirror in the upstairs bathroom a little bit ago, and sprayed some air freshener. Will need to buy a new can soon, that one's rather low.

Lynn turns 22 today, so Raine is taking her for a day on the town, as their tradition goes. I had Lynn over last night, for some gaming and snacks. Raine's birthday is next month (04/26), so we talked about gifts for her. Not telling, though, in case she reads this.

(Oh yes, and pokeymans coming soon. 03/14, white day, I will finish paying it off.)

Right now, I'm having some lunch before I continue my cleaning spree. I've been rather lacking in my room--I have dust collected on things all over, and it's not all from being sealed in over the winter.

We refilled medication orders this morning, will go to fetch pills later tonight.

Been enjoying my chair, and I'm looking forward to having the screen back in so I can open it. Some fresh air in here will definitely clear out the stuffy feelings left over from winter.

Maybe I'll write later, but for now, it's time to clean. :) I'll try and bring some peace to this room by clearing away the clutter.

At least it'll make things look better, anyway.


Entry 574

Mar. 4th, 2010 08:05 pm
virgo186: (Astray Trio)
Bare ground like spring, but strong wind and a chill like the middle of winter. I don't think the weather can make up its mind lately--I'm sure the workers out back are probably not enjoying it.

Been enjoying my chair, though I think my window may have a draft. At least that corner is warmed up when the heater comes on, that makes it a little better. I can always bring a blanket out if I get too cold. The chair was definitely worth it, and every day, I try to sit and enjoy it.

Ran a few errands today, mailing things and picking up some supplies. Planning on taking a nice hot shower tonight to warm up, perhaps get a haircut tomorrow. It depends on how things go, I think.

Raine says she's on spring break this week and next week, but I've barely gotten to talk to her when I've seen her online. I'm trying not to be offended or anything, but I do feel rather confused--mostly wondering if I'm being ignored or if she's just away without her message up. It's like a puzzle to me.

Lynn returned her borrowed car, and is walking and using the bus again. It was nice while it lasted, I suppose, but I'm proud that she thought it over and decided to put her money towards other things. There can always be a possible car in the future, something in better condition even.

As for me lately, been working one or two days a week--slow time of year, we're starting to get spring and summer stuff in little by little, and the heavy winter things are going clearance. Lots of shoes--dress boots with such long boxes!--and clothing that's certainly not right for the current weather...though I'm sure people are ready to escape to warmer places until it gets there. Spring will come soon, once winter's blown itself out, I'm sure of it.

In the meantime, we continue to bundle up against cold...but I think my boots may be able to go back in the closet, unless we get a new cover of snow. Bare ground is rather nice to see, even if it's more brown than green now.

Bare ground also means that I can walk more. Hard to enjoy a good walk when one has to slog through mud and slush to get anywhere, right? Now all we need are some warmer days, and more sunshine...

Oh well, I suppose I'll turn some music on and go read for a bit. Anything to drown out the sound of the wind howling outside, it's rather unsettling at times.

Part of me wonders if the wishes for peace will come true, I know of a few people who could use some peace right about now.


(I also hope that Raine contacts me at some point, since I have more questions to ask her about writing things and it's rather hard to catch her lately, since her schedule is so odd.)
virgo186: (Asuka)
Today's weather was incredibly nice for this time of year--I do think we may be enjoying the calm before a storm, but I like it all the same. Lots of bare ground means better walking conditions.

So for those of you who saw my last post about the chair, I have updates. Lynn came by today, and before I headed out, mom finally said that I could get myself the chair--my money, my room, as she said. After going to get some money out for that, Lynn and I set off to the charity shop to go pick up my chair.

My thoughts from last entry were true, though, as it appears someone else found that chair too lovely to pass up. I do hope whoever got it enjoys it as much as I wanted to.

At first, I wasn't really thinking I'd find anything as good there, that I might come home empty-handed after all of that. I checked the furniture room again, just to make sure, and I saw another chair.

It was a light pink, a little more expensive (19 bucks), and the fabric on the arms was worn a little bit, but I sat down anyway. It was as comfortable as the floral one, maybe even more. I called Lynn over so she could try it.

Want to know the ending? That same chair, that worn little pink one, is now neatly tucked in the corner of my room, next to my window, with a couple of new books and my cute new Cinnamoroll plush on it. Taking the cushion out and taking the legs off, we managed to transport it home in the trunk of Lynn's car, and the dollhouse has been moved into mom's room temporarily. I'm happy to have my room coming along more and more, and this was a big step.

Next, however, we have to make room for the armoire to be moved so I can get a nice big bookcase in place of it. Want to make good use of my new reading corner, after all!

Both Lynn and Raine will agree, after I bought the chair I couldn't help but cheer--I think I repeated "I has chair" a dozen times at least. It really is a darling little chair, and so comfy. I can easily come up with a way to either fix the worn arm fabric or cover it, though I like the chair color too much to cover it all.

It's rather odd to not have the dollhouse in here, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I think it'll make it better for me when the time comes to part with it--that's the main reason I wanted the chair in the first place, to turn that corner into something a little more grown-up and useful, and I couldn't do that with the dollhouse there. Mom was the one who suggested moving the dollhouse into her room for the time being, and I think it works better this way.

Plus, that corner is perfect for my new reading chair--I still have the tote of books with all the stacks on it within easy reach, so I might not even need to get up much at all! :)

(It'll also double as a gaming chair, I think. Nice cozy corner with my window offering a good light.)

Best part, as I discovered upon arriving home later, the chair doesn't block my nightlight, so it's really perfect for that corner. I still have a few things to sort and get rid of, but I'm working my way along at a pretty good pace. I'm happy to finally have a nice comfy chair to sit in and relax, so I don't have to be either in my computer chair or in my bed. Plus, I now have a seat at my window for nice days--a plus!

On another note, a third lot has been dug and started today--I saw it when I got up and checked outside the bathroom window. This one's further up from us, closer to the road entrance. There's not much we can do except watch--I think we're all wondering where the other two sold lots will be.

I still hope nobody's claimed the lots directly behind us (lots 19, 20, and 21), because that would mean the apple trees getting torn down, and it was hard enough losing the other two trees early on.

Peace, I must keep hoping for peace...but it's rather hard when there's so much upheaval going on around us. Part of me wishes for rain, or perhaps a nice heavy snowfall, maybe with some ice.

They can't dig and pour cement if the weather is awful, can they?


(A note: perhaps I should start listening to music for my entries again, I'm sure my readers are bored and there's only so many ways I can mention my tv...)
virgo186: (Smile (Keiko))
Cloudy today, but cleared up enough for a rather nice sunset. Windy enough to keep it a bit cold.

We have bare patches of ground all over the yard, where the snow's melted away. It's rather odd to see--this month is usually when we get dumped on, and here we've been getting nice days for quite a stretch. I haven't needed to wear my boots in a few weeks, as the pavement is clear enough.

Sadly, this means that work can be done out back, and things have started in full force. Two lots are being prepped for building now, and from the rumors we get, five lots have been sold (though the sign-board hasn't been updated, at the end of that road).

On a whim the other day, I used that road as a shortcut to the sidewalk--it's good for that, at least, and I went to the store and back. A few days later, I went to the salvation army store to browse, using the same route. Came home with five books, a puzzle, and three shirts.

What really made the trip memorable, though, was something I didn't buy, only saw.

The first section I browsed when I entered the store, as I have lately, was the furniture section. There's usually quite a selection, various tables and chairs and couches. I didn't expect to find anything really interesting.

I was wrong, however, because I found one chair that I just can't put out of my mind. It's even been a couple of days since I went, and I'm still talking about it. It's a darling little floral armchair with a soft cushion, and I just keep thinking about how well it'd go with my room.

Not even very expensive, either. Maybe 15 bucks at most, and in pretty good condition. I even sat in it, and it's very comfortable. I've nearly driven mom crazy at this point just talking about it.

My problem is that I currently have no room for it, with my bedroom layout as it is right now. Maybe when we get the dollhouse out and some things moved around, I can put it by my window, but that could take a while.

Mom says that when we get my room adjusted, we can probably get a chair like it, but that's if I can find one that well-priced. I wonder how long that little one will be at the store, or if someone will snap it up quickly. If I don't get it, I hope it goes to a good home.

With the weather getting nice, once we put my screen back in, I'll be able to open my window to air my room out a bit. Being closed up all winter usually makes it stuffy, but without the screen I can't open the window yet. Once the next nice day comes up, perhaps we can make it happen.

Sorted clothing and such today. Several shirts, a pair of pants, and two dresses went into the yardsale box (or on top of it), followed by a few skirts. Tomorrow, Lynn can come by and paw through the shirts as usual, though the skirts and pants are definitely too small for both of us.

Haven't done much writing lately, and OSW is pretty quiet with major plot stuff. I guess it's the time of year, we're all in varying states of 'busy' and all. I do what I can, and keep myself distracted with other stuff during boring periods. My room is starting to come along pretty well.

Though, yes, I'm still wishing for that chair. It really is darling, and so cheap...

I suppose I should end this now, as dinner will be ready soon. Still wishing for peace, but I fear we may not get it for a while, at least. I just have to keep hoping.

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