Apr. 18th, 2013

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I don't usually watch the news.

The only reason I watched any of it today was due to being downstairs at the time mom had it on, so I decided to stop and watch a bit. After all, more things have happened, and there are always updates of some kind.

Now there's only the two bombs that went off, no others found. The fertilizer explosion in TX. More bombings overseas in war zones. The guy who sent the deadly mail to people in charge, and was luckily traced and caught.

The FBI held a press conference today, as they've come up with suspects for the marathon bombings. Two guys that seemed suspicious, showed up enough in videos and stills to be considered interesting. The speaker addressed questions and all, very professional.

However, mom and I kept watching the news, and the things some of the news people said had us scratching our heads in confusion.

Three news stations later, we're wondering if these people know what they're saying.

One seriously said that if parents come forward for these guys, we'll know they're here legally, but if no parents show, they must not be in the country. Is this even making sense?

I admit, I want the ones who made this happen to be caught and punished. I'm sure others do. The FBI wants to catch them. With the pictures of these 'suspects' now, though, how soon before someone decides to make with the vigilante justice? How many crackpots will call the tipline and say they know who it is even if they really don't, or try and just report someone they don't like as one of the ones involved?

There is always a potential for this. The fact that some of the news people were making ridiculous comments, like the one above, doesn't make me feel any more confident.

That's why I don't usually watch the news. If anything, I'll wait for print.



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