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So let's see how this thing works.

The new year has started, and apparently LJ is rapidly becoming a ghost town due to the recent news of the servers moving. However, I suppose DW can enjoy the rapid growth due to such happenings!

Including me. I brought over my account and all three of my communities I own, so they can be preserved (and perhaps even added to, if possible). It's not so different, really, so it should be easy to figure out how things work over here.

Survived yet another holiday season at work. Now to have a few more days off, phew.

Christmas? Well, like every year, it went decently enough. People were happy with what I got them, and I got more books on my list. More bookcase sorting to do!

(I now also have my own power drill. Oh, the fun we shall have...)

Other things have changed since the last entry! I finally got a new computer--it's odd, sure, not using a windows-based machine anymore, but the mac isn't too hard to work with. At the very least, I can actually open a ton of tabs and windows without the computer freaking out, and I can actually open things like my tumblr and such now, so it's very much a step up.

Now that the holiday rush is over, perhaps I can get back into writing. After all, it's hard to focus on being creative when one is exhausted from too much stress.

So here we go. Going to see if this actually works...if it does, then those still on LJ may be able to see this as well!

Bring it on, 2017. I think we might finally be ready for you!

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