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(Note to self: get an icon of the little spring fairy.)

So yeah, checked my email and oh hey, a letter from LJ.

...about friends who have left LJ for other sites.

Specifically, about inviting back those friends.

Uh. Right, about that...

Yes, my friends page does look rather empty, but then, those who might still be around don't post much. The communities I'm part of don't update much, and those that do, I don't have them on watch.

I will also admit there are plenty of LJ friends I do miss seeing updates from, but then, some of them are on other sites and I can see their posts there.

(Also wondering where c_suck_snark has gone, and why both mods seem to have vanished...did a crisis happen or something? Wow.)

Even if they've gone to other sites, some of my friends just get too busy to post much anyway--looking at Raine and Lynn, for example, who both work full weeks and are lucky if they get time to rest.

I think it might take more than just offers of paid time and internet trinkets to bring people back. Perhaps this place is a sinking ship, or however others might be looking at it.

Oh well. At least I'm still here. I'll be here for a while yet.

If any of the others want to come back, that's good. But do it for you, not me.

Those who do want to keep in touch, drop me a line.

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