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Actually watched the news today.

I suppose this is the closest we can get to a 'good end' to this, anyway. They took the remaining suspect into custody, nobody exploded this time, and hopefully the powers that be can get answers to their questions. In the meantime, the city can sleep again.

Hard to believe that sometimes, things can be minor when one goes to bed and then just grow into a major event overnight. Mom woke me up to tell me that the news was going on, and I just spent the rest of the day watching it unfold with her.

If I've bored any of my readers with this material lately, well, you had the choice to not read it. I posted because I felt I had to do something. If it makes you happy, things will return to 'normal' after this...well, okay, unless something else happens.

In other news, mom and I are still aiming to go over to my grandfather's house for more cleaning work sunday. After that, I have four days of work, ending the week with the inventory shift we've all been waiting for. At least it's not ornament time of year!

(Also, treated myself to a package of lemon sandwich cookies. Tasty rare items.)

Now that things seem to have settled, I plan on spending the rest of the night watching something a little more upbeat and maybe getting some writing done.

May you rest well tonight, those in the Boston area. Your protectors have done well.

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