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...I like swords.

But seriously, I know it's been a while since I last posted. What can I say? The holiday season is stressful, and a lot's been going on. Something's gotta give.

New update page, I guess. All sorts of buttons now.

Well, I actually do have a plan for how to get myself posting in this thing more, and no, I don't plan on saying it and then never getting to it.

So, have a backstory. Last time I weighed myself (back near the end of 2011), I found myself at a number I really wasn't happy to see. Needless to say, I went through some time of kicking myself...until I fell back into my old habits and I haven't been on the scale since.

Fast forward to now, and I finally got fed up and decided I wanted to do something. To a point, I can say that my job inspired me, since we're getting the lightweight dresses and sandals in now (yes, now...retail has a schedule all its own).

Yours truly is feeling...daring this year, and I had a dream of me wearing a sundress. To actually feel comfortable wearing such, even with my nice legs, I felt that now was the time to work towards getting my body in shape.

I know, round is a shape, but I'm sick of being round. Hard to be happy in my body when I have to squish myself over my gut to tie my sneakers or anything.

So I'm going to see about revamping myself a bit here and there. Might not be enough to get me completely thin or whatever (my body will never be a size six, for example), but I can work on toning things up and losing a good deal of this 'winter fluff' I have.

At this point, I've been making small changes--more water, less soda, getting myself on the treadmill here and there, and trying to stay as active as possible. Hard to do since we're still going through winter up here, but if I can get myself started now? I should be able to really kick things into overdrive when the weather finally gets nice. Outdoor walking, enjoying sunshine, and doing some gardening. Might even get to run the mower or play some games, or even try a little running!

Also, I joked with mom about possibly treating myself to a pair of wedge-heel flip-flops. She laughed, I laughed, but part of me is actually considering it. Like I said, year to be daring.

Along with that, I've been encouraged to keep track of what I'm eating and see what I might be able to change there. Expect to see food-journal stuff here, coming soon. Hey, a regular journal would be something only I'd see. Here? All my friends can see my progress, and if anyone feels like making constructive scolding, go for it. I can use encouraging. ♥

...winter spirit needs to go on vacation, I want spring. I miss flowers. I'm sick of snow.


Date: 2013-03-04 03:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It sounds like we're on the same page re: losing weight. I lost about 10 LBS so far, but I'm not being as careful as I could/should be. I'm planning on buying one of those discount cookbooks so I can try some new things that are weight-conscious as well as tasting good and calorie counting. Good luck with everything. Changing what you eat can be a big adjustment, but I know you can do it. :)


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